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About Greg


There is so much one could say when attempting to describe oneself!  Where to begin?!  As it pertains to what I do now as a massage practitioner I will write what I believe is important for you to know about me.   Ever since I was a child, there was only one thing and one thing only that I ever imagined doing with my life.  I wanted to help people to heal.  I was blessed with the opportunity at age 9 to be the paper boy at the local hospital, which was then called Peterborough Civil Hospital.  I went room to room selling newspapers.  For years I did that.  During that time I witnessed unbearable sickness, pain, suffering and grief.  I remember being so deeply touched in my heart at such a young age that I would spend time on my knees in the chapel praying for the suffering souls whose paths I had just crossed.  It broke my heart.  I asked God to use me as an instrument of healing to reach out and touch the hurting, the broken, the suffering, those in pain.  I wanted to heal them and relieve their suffering and make them whole again.  It's a long story as to what got me into massage.  Not something I ever pursued, but I believe God called me into.  I didn't even know I had it in me!  I had no idea!  At one point I had looked into Chiropractic College but had never considered massage for a career.  I now realize that this sacred calling is one of the ways in which God wants to work through my life, reaching out and touching people one soul at a time, to pour His healing through me to touch the hearts, minds, souls and bodies he brings to me to bring restoration to their lives.  I have been through my own very difficult healing journey.  Through this journey I have deep empathy and understanding of what many experience in life.  Through what I have learned I know that God is able to work through me in a greater capacity to help more people.  I feel truly blessed, honored and privileged to be given this calling. 

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