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                          Client Comments



“The best massage I have ever had!! Greg has an excellent working knowledge of the structure and function of the human body allowing him to work deep tissue gently and effectively with essentially no soreness afterwards.  He marries beautifully the science and the art of massage, with both the benefits of therapeutic effect for pathology, and relaxation benefits for general muscle tension.  His devotion to his craft shines through.”
P. St. Onge  BSc, M.D.

"Best massage EVER!!" -- Rianna Barry

"What a Fabulous AWESOME MASSAGE!!! Thank you Greg! Best Massage Therapist around! Have walked ALL DAY without a cane!!  Many Thanks Greg!! xo"  -- Lilli Swanson


"Hey Greg, Thank you so much for the massage.  WOW, it was the best massage I have ever had in my life.  I left feeling relaxed in both body and mind.  It's a great price, that's for sure.  I really liked the table

to rest my hands/arms on that was below my head.  That is a great idea. The pressure was perfect, I feel like a lot of tension has been released.  I loved how you stretched my neck at the end as well as the scalp massage...a perfect e" I have had hundreds of massages in my life.  Some I thought were the best....but that was before I met Greg!" -- Le Moulin Inn and Spa, Wakefield Quebec (2009)nding.  Thanks for showing me the stretch exercise too." -- Stephen


"I slept really well last night and I feel great today.  You're amazing at what you do.  Merci!!" -- Julie

" That was the best massage I have ever had.  Amazing" --  Amanda Babcock RMT


" you've made aches and pains go away.. I feel 100% better. You are very good at what you do." -- Lori  


" I have had hundreds of massages in my life.  Some I thought were the best....but that was before I met Greg!" -- Le Moulin Inn and Spa, Wakefield Quebec (2009)

"I feel much better all around.  And you helped me get connected more with my body and spirit again so              Thank  you! " -- Jennifer Noel

" Thank you again for an absolute wonderful mind calming massage!"  -- Vickie Purvey


" I will be in touch soon to setup an appointment.  You are the best I know in massage therapy." -- Paul


"Thank you very much, I really feel better!  You are so good!!!" -- Melissa


"The best massage I have ever had!" -- Sheena


"Thank you  again for that massage...that was just what I needed at the end of a busy work day.  I slept so soundly afterwards. You truly are gifted at being present and connected  during your massages....your intuitive awareness is felt on a very deep level .  I truly feel my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self responded to.  It is my experience that you are a highly skilled practitioner.  You have a real gift!!! The fact that you are so in tune and engaged makes ALL the difference for me as a recipient." -- M.G  


"I could use one of your deep tissue massages right now!  Too bad you moved! You did amazing work...and, glad you're back doing what you do so well!  Good Luck Greg!" -- Diane Methot-Barbeau

"I feel SO much better today. Thank you, thank you." --  Terri Flinn


"I always look forward to my massage appointments with Greg, knowing I will feel so relaxed and content after he eases the discomfort in my neck and shoulders. I have suffered from whiplash in the past, and with the daily stresses of work and life I still feel the stiffness and aches in those areas. Greg has a way of just knowing how to treat those tough spots by using a variety of massage techniques and the right kind of pressure.  I sometimes need deep pressure and Greg is mindful of my needs with a firm, yet gentle touch—it is the perfect balance!  Greg is very knowledgeable and skillful and always works in a professional, courteous and respectful manner.  He is truly dedicated to healing and helping others.  Thank you Greg!" --  Mary Fioritti


I'm not one to write testimonials but after a massage from Greg Ross's Healing Hands I had to say something. I live with fibromyalgia so when it comes to touch I can be quite sensitive. Greg took the time to talk with me before my appointment and asked about my condition and how it effects me. First of all this caught me by surprise that he took extra time to try and figure out what would be the best plan of action for me as other massage therapists have merely stated fibromyalgia is common and they know how to deal with it. When I actually had the massage I nearly fell asleep I was so relaxed. My muscles were sore but with in the next few days I felt like a new person and I attribute it all to Gregs Healing Hands. This clinician actually cares as he even did "follow up" with me after and educated me on what exercises would assist in helping with my condition. I can't thank Greg enough for helping with my well being and eliminating pain I never thought would ever be eliminated. -- Sharon MacLeod

"You are a truly great massage therapist" -- Darcy Mundle

"I have to thank you.  I felt so incredibly light and supple today.  It was the first day of no chronic pain.  You're so gifted at what you do! Magical !!" -- Lianne Haberman












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